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National Living Wage

From April 2016, the government will introduce a new mandatory national living wage (NLW) for workers aged 25 and above, initially set at £7.20 – a rise of 50p relative to the current National Minimum Wage (NMW) rate. That’s a £910 per annum increase in earnings for a full-time worker on the current NMW.

The adult NMW rate is currently £6.70. From 1 April 2016 the premium will come into effect on top of the NMW, taking the national living wage to £7.20. The NMW will continue to apply for those aged 21 to 24, with the premium added on top for those aged 25 and over, taking the total hourly rate to the national living wage.




A brief guide..



  • Business rate relief threshold for small business to rise from £6,000 to a maximum of £15,000
  • Uprating of business rate to be switched from Retail Price Index to lower Consumer Price Index measure of inflation
  • Commercial stamp Duty rates to be reduced for lower value properties

Tax Changes

  • Tax-free personal allowance to rise to £11500 in 2017
  • Higher rate tax threshold to rise to £45,000 in 2017
  • Corporation tax to fall to 17% by April 2020
  • Class 2 National Insurance Contributions scrapped for Self-Employed Workers
  • Capital Gains Tax rate cut from 28% to 20% and to 10% for basic rate taxpayers
  • 0.5% increase in Insurance Premium Tax
  • New Sugar levy on soft drinks industry to be introduced in 2018


  • Fuel duty Frozen
  • Beer and Cider duty Frozen
  • Whisky and other Spirits Frozen
  • Other alcohol duties including wine to rise by inflation

Pensions and Saving

  • New lifetime ISA for 18 to 40 with government boosting saving by 25%
  • Annual ISA allowance to increase to £20,000 April 2017
  • No change to tax relief on pension contributions

The National Minimum Wage is increasing on 1st October 2015 for all employees.


 21 and Over    18 to 20    Under 18    Apprentice*

           £6.70       £5.30         £3.87            £3.30


*this rate is for apprentices aged 16 to 18 and those aged 19 or over who are in their first year. All other apprentices are entiltled to the National Minimum Wage for their age.


For more information go to and don’t forget to tell friend or family – they will be due a raise too. If you have a question, then call the Pay and Work Rights Helpline on 0800 917 2368.



  • Our very own Adam Claydon has been shortlisted for The Building Product Solutions Business Person of the Year Award at this year’s Barnsley and Rotherham Chamber of Commerce Business Awards Ceremony taking place on 23rd October at the Barnsley Metrodome. 

We are all very proud of him here at Claydon Accountancy. Good Luck Adam and all the other nominees.


Minimum Wage 2014

Have you heard? The National Minimum Wage is increasing on 1st October 2014 for all employees. Find out about the new rates at and don’t forget to tell friend or family – they will be due a raise too. If you have a question, then call the Pay and Work Rights Helpline on 0800 917 2368.

Budget 2014

BUDGET 2014 (19 March 2014)


Chancellor George Osborne has delivered his 5th budget today descibing it as "Budget for the makers, the doers, and the savers"


But what does this really mean to you?  Here is our summary of the announcement and you will be able to get our full report on the budget later this week.




  • Alcohol duty will rise in line with inflation apart from Scotish Whisky and Cider both of which will be frozen
  • Beer duty will be cut by 1p per pint
  • Tobaco duty wil continue to rise at 2.5% above inflation
  • Bingo duty will be cut from 20% to 10%


Personal Tax:


  • The personal tax allowance will increase to £10,000 per year from 6th April 2014
  • 2015 will see the personal tax allowance rise to £10,500
  • The Higher rate threshold will increase to £41,865 from 6th April 2014
  • 2015 will see the higher rate threshold rise to £42,285
  • married couples tax allowance will rise to £1,050




  • Stock ISA's and Cash ISA's will be merged in to one new ISA with a tax free limit of £15,000
  • Junior ISA's will increase to £4,000 per year


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